Moving from the Theory of Blockchain to Commercial Applications and Value-adding Outcomes

We all know that Blockchain is about eliminating redundancy by cutting out the 3rd party; and in an increasingly digital environment, the identity and purpose of the bank is becoming increasingly scrutinized. By leveraging on Blockchain technology, banks are future-proofing themselves and securing their position as not the obsolete 3rd party but the permanent player in financial transactions.

However, while there is a lot of theory about the benefits of Blockchain, there is little discussion on the practical applications that banks need to know in order to implement this into existing processes and transactions. 

With an equal mix of industry practitioners, associations, regulators and technology experts, Blockchain & Smart Contracts for BFSI Asia is your one-stop guide to help you to:

  • Move from the theory of block chain to commercial applications and value adding outcomes
  • Understand  the regulatory landscape of Blockchain
  • Maximise the possibilities – what are they and how you can get there

Keynote Speakers Include:

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Key Topics

Key Conference Themes

Understanding Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Harnessing the Benefits of Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Navigating the Limitations of Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Designing Robust Governance Frameworks for Blockchain & Smart Contracts

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Get a Comprehensive A-Z Guide on the Concept, Design and Function of Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Map Out Your Blockchain & Smart Contracts Roadmap; from Planning to Execution

Gain Practical Insights on Implementing Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Champion the Benefits and Overcome the Limitations of Blockchain & Smart Contracts

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